Music Ministry


The St. Bernadette adult choir invites men and women who enjoy praying through song. Its service to the church includes offering prayer-song for the liturgical seasons as well as special occasions throughout the church year.

Cantors lead the parish family in prayer-song throughout the liturgy. New cantors audition with a liturgical piece of their choice.  Once monthly rehearsals include techniques, voice development and leadership skills.  A certification program is available through the National Association of Pastoral Musicians.

The Instrumentalists
If you are interested in sharing your talents with the Parish on a regular basis, this is a wonderful opportunity.  Learn to play and pray a different type of music that will enhance our parish liturgies and call for the song-prayer from the congregation.  Not all instruments are conducive to liturgical music.

Please call 440-734-1300 at the Parish Office to discuss your individual situation.


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