St. Bernadette Prays:



 + For all the hospital staff who are giving so much time & energy to the sick. We pray that they stay healthy. 

 + Dick Kmiecik

 + For all around the world who are suffering through or have died from the virus. Please pray that my family remains safe and for all the intentions I hold in my heart. We pray to the Lord.

 + In Memory of Catherine Donovan

 + Kathleen Keys

 + William Green

 + Linda Nicholls

 +  Bobby and Michelle Gallagher and their daughter Ramona Rose

 + My mother, Mary Tuft. May she rest in peace.

 + Please pray for my sister Catherine Donovan who was a member of the parish. She died April 8,

 + Pray for my grandson, Eddie Schaire, for successful bone marrow transplant.

 + Robert Licursi

 + Please pray for my mom who has breast cancer- that she will know God's strength and feel His
    presence during this challenging time. 

 + Please pray for the healing of surgical wounds and recovery from surgery for Michael J. Guadagnoli. May
    Jesus Christ the divine physician bring him healing in body mind and spirit. Amen.

 + Please pray for my mother, Jean Erdie, for a peaceful passing into God's presence.



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